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FEBRUARY 4, 2023 Stick by Stick

FEBRUARY 4, 2023 Stick by Stick

For Black History Month, Crossroads Art Center opens a special exhibit from local Black artists, featuring Mending Walls, the collaborative mural project created by Hamilton Glass that promotes empathy and connection through art. An Artist Reception will be offered January 20, 5-8 PM, and the exhibit runs through March 5, 2023.
My piece “Stick by Stick” is a part of the show.“Stick by Stick. Made in America ” This piece seeks to acknowledge the seemingly hidden contributions of Black Americans, and how those legacies affect our lives today. “Stick by Stick” is a part of Iɡˈzistəns (Existence). The Series is an opportunity to examine, contemplate and acknowledge.

A little more about it…

My art work is about the contributions of Black Americans to our lives now. The text in the art shows a portion of the inventions, and ideas that everyone benefits from in our lives today. The gold floating house represents the value of Blacks, the “home” we have made. The “porch”, which somehow feels reminiscent of slave quarters, is made of sticks and is the foundation to build on. 

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