APRIL 22, 2023.  Iɡˈzɪs.təns/existence

APRIL 22, 2023. Iɡˈzɪs.təns/existence



In this second installment of the series I am diving into the methods used to prevail despite obstacles that Blacks face living our best lives. Dancing as a release, spiritual, emotionally, or a meditation. Using dance as a movement to connect with earth, a higher spirit, or ancestors, has always been used to express emotion, mood, destress, celebration and evocation. In these pieces. As with other pieces in the series I use clothing to represent the passage of time, adding colorful patterns for energy, representation, adding energy to the piece. In the upcoming weeks I will add more and get deeper into the meaning behind upcoming artwork that are currently in the studio. 


Currently, the first two pieces are on exhibit at The Kentucky Center for African American Heritage.
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