AUGUST 14, 2023   The Art of Freedom II

AUGUST 14, 2023 The Art of Freedom II

The pieces that I created for the Art of Freedom II are the second group of paintings that I started with thoughts the joy of being black, celebrating this life, even through adversities. While thinking about the different ways to release the stresses and celebrate, Friday night house parties came to mind, the end of another week and taking advantage the time to unwind from the weed and “dance away the blues.”  Now, usually what happens is a image pops in my head and I can imagine the party happening in my head and focus on who I want to fully develop on canvas. That’s when I sketch  and look for references that represent the image in my head. 
As I began to finalize my art, I realized these are related to the “Existence” series which is about existing in America as a black person. 

In the Existence series I use gold paint used to represent the value that we have as black people, as royalty,  contributors to America  and the culture and  achievers.

I wrote this while thinking about what I wanted the work to be 

“Then dance, dance baby dance, give it up to the lord and let it seek the universe. Shed the  tears, fears, release the heart break, and  the aches. Release the day into the universe and God will release you from it’s binding ties. Dance the day away… drain sorrows from your soul. Dance baby, dance.
Dance through it…
Dance because of it
Dance to relieve it
Be Free, seek the peace of movement.
Push the air around you to sing to the ancestors , the pain, joy, gratitude.
Meditate in the movement, motion, and dance. Let the moment take you to the place only you can occupy. Feel the joy of your breathe. Let the day pour out from your pores. Let the movements cleanse your soul.”

The first in the series is called “Dance baby Dance”, celebrates the achievements of some of notable black women in history, such as Maya 
Angelou and Michell Obama…
“Rising to the Top” inspired by Maya Angelou’s “Still I Rise” , (despite everything that’s been done)
and “Keep On Keeping’ On” speaks to pushing through adversity, hardship and the fight for the right to exist.

I like to use black and white images (giving a time period representing the past, classic look which grounds the image)  and using bright colors to show energy, mood, hopefullness and emotion. I use bronze and metallic paints in the skin color to give the skin a glow. the value is not just what we build or wear but it is within us. 

Again, the colors of joyful, the patterns feel tribal, almost feels  like a quilt for comfort,  warmth and tells stories. The faces and body parts are “fading or missing” fell they are reaching the free state of mind, like a meditation and forget where you are and become one with the music

The pieces in the current exhibit here,  decided to use a gold road . The road represents time, past, present and future, it’s gold because of the value black people bring to life (and the USA). Black culture and achievements are integrated in everyones everyday lives. 

Sing Dance” is about freeing yourself from the strains of life.

In my Space”   Contains the lines  “Meditate in the movement, motion, and dance. Let the moment take you to the place only you can occupy.”

Tell the lord” gives a nod to church and giving the worries and stresses over to a higher power. Faith based release in order to keep going. 
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