JULY 12, 2023   Ending My Art Block

JULY 12, 2023 Ending My Art Block




I have been trying out new processes and working on pushing myself out of my art block. I've discovered that trying something new can help me to break the lack of inspiration. I’ve been new materials, new techniques and getting out of the studio. 

Taking a break from my usual creative space and exploring new places helps me. Whether it was going for a walk or visiting VMFA, art galleries, are great places to gather new inspiration and rekindle the love of art. Sometimes, it's the small things and breaking free from the usual can inspire me. Find inspiration in everything, everywhere. It's out there for us to find.

If you are an artist. Remember, artist's block happens to everyone. By changing our surroundings, seeking inspiration in diverse places, and persisting , we can break free from its grip. 

The photo above is a work in progress of my latest piece. I will write more on this process in the next blog. I did end up with a painting that I love. With the energy that defined the day.

This one doesn’t have a name yet, so please let me know if you have any suggestions. I included the link to a short clip of the process.

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